Friday, February 15, 2008

Clinton Supporters For Obama Unite!

This site has been erected to provide a place of refuge for all those Clinton supporters who have read the handwriting on the wall, and are ready to pledge their support to Senator Barack Obama, for the Democratic nomination for the good of the country.

We here at Clinton Supporters for Obama are not ashamed to say that we love our country, and we believe that the nomination and subsequent election of Senator Barack Obama is inevitable, and that it is time to unite the party and stand behind him to ensure that we take back the White House in November!

Please check back here often for more information on our movement, and for inspiration from your fellow Clinton Supporters for Obama - we love you Hillary - thank you for your efforts and service, but it's time to put our support behind the man who has united this nation, and who will take us into our brighter future as the New American Majority.

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